Talented men to the nest: red "move" Super Bowl

On the evening of August 6, the football world's top giants club AC Milan and Inter Milan's century war in the perfect curtain call. Super Bowl history for the first time in Milan Derby, coupled with China's solid foundation of Milan fans, this extraordinary game attracted the attention far more than two years ago, Inter Milan and Lazio duel. At the end of the game, tens of thousands of fans in the nest roamed the surrounding area into a sea of ​​red and blue intertwined. Among these fans, a touch of national color rumored red wine camp particularly noticeable. Talented spectators - the most "complex" camp fans The Super Bowl, Talent Men as one of the sponsors, before the contest through microblogging interaction, store promotions, soliciting 60 fans tournament. They dressed in wit red uniform costume, in the red and blue ocean is very eye-catching. According to the responsible person in charge of presentation, these fans from 12 different cities in the country, both the irons of Inter Milan, AC Milan fans, the youngest fans only 15 years old, the biggest fans are already in their 60s The elderly. The love of football and the genius of the 2011 Italian Cup match them with the nest, witnessed the peak showdown. Crazy fans "tickets" experience Zhang is one of these fans the most special one. Reporter interviewed him, his face filled with excitement after watching the game unquenchable. "At the time of participating in the official Tweets microblogging activities a bit crazy, to participate in the wits to grab votes registered microblogging, crazy write microblogging, sustenance of the Super Bowl love, thank Cai Caimei, chairman of the board, to give my ticket to me Today 's game is fantastic, and I can not think I can be so close to the world - class football superstar I love, and it will be something I will never forget in my life. "The youngest fan, Promotional activities get the tickets, watching the game after the excitement of dancing. "At the door to see Super Bowl Milan Derby, simply too cool." Talented and Milan duo fashion encounter Mention the cooperation with the Super Bowl, Talented men-related official said: "Milan city is not only the birth of two worlds Level giants club football holy land, or have bright light, standing in the fashion trend of the tide of capital.Has a lot of world-class fashion brand was born here, is a testimony to the fashion history and future development of the dream capital.Four from fashion Capital of Milan City, the world's top teams staged a Super Bowl match, focusing on the global perspective, with the event's appeal and influence, Talented men will be in the international arena, the interpretation of the concept of fashion with Chinese characteristics, and comprehensively enhance their own brand.

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