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Love underwear Co., Ltd. is located in the design capital, fashion capital ------ Shenzhen, China. Is a collection research and development, design, production, sales, training, service as one of the large-scale integrated enterprise.
Loving underwear originated from the profound research and understanding of the contemporary art of female life, with the design concept of extravagant and refined, crafted craftwork, and elaborate fashion elements. The pursuit of its product appearance of simple, atmospheric, stylish, delicate visual design style. Based on the science of mechanics, fatology and ergonomics as the principle, coupled with the oriental female body curve just right version. The perfect version of the natural comfort effect of wear type experience.

Loving underwear to change the shackles and shackles of the traditional traditional underwear adjustment, the entire product has a good fat storage and fixation capabilities, so that customers in the moisten subtle imperceptible body shape and physical conditioning correction.

得到身心的舒适体验 爱戴内衣
Love to keep up with the world trend of underwear clothing trends for the past, pure modified underwear into a new fashion element, never blind and irresponsible kitsch design. The pursuit of simplicity, the atmosphere, fashion, fine results Careful considerate consultative underwear sales service, truly reflect the people-oriented business philosophy, to fully meet the real needs of different individuals In this constantly changing world of development, the modern woman's physical characteristics are Continuous development and change, the most important feature of the real fashion modified underwear, is to recognize the objective existence of this change, to adapt to this development.

Sports medals produced by us are made out of a metal alloy combining zinc and aluminium. As a standard we produce 3 mm thick medals, however we can produce thicker, 6 mm ones, on client`s demand.
Any shape and any graphic design are available for both one sided and double sided medals what makes each medal unique. We produce 2D and 3D sports medals. We also undertake Medals Custom Medal, Sports Medal for sports event, schools, colleges and for any award functions.

Sports Medal

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