Children's wear brand water baby 2014 autumn and winter new products - Princess series introduction

The colors of autumn are colorful, red, yellow, and green. The seedlings in the fields are slightly yellow, and the trees are darker. Falling autumn rain, a hint of coolness. Autumn flowers bloom and write down the beauty of nature. Autumn flowers sing and sing the spirituality and beauty of nature. The colors of water and young children's autumn and winter products are also colorful. The Pink Princess series uses pink as the main color system to assist in the use of dark flowers, grey silver, and black diamonds. The overall dress feels bright and colorful.

Pinken is the most romantic and most representative of the little girl princess color, it represents a cute, sweet, gentle and innocent; represents elegance and noble demeanor, represents a delicate and lovely, pure pink girl like a dream Like, immature, soft and full of beautiful memories.

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