Zhuowei Le brand children's winter clothes with down jacket model

The recent strong cooling weather, brought a cold, let everyone feel the breath of the winter, put on a thick warm coat, for the weaker children with clothing but also to keep warm-based . Xiaobian today brought you two Zhuowei Le winter girl with a demonstration of down jacket, so that your baby princess not afraid of the cold winter, wear warm and stylish, take a look at it! This red jacket coat, in the long section of the stitching version of the design, very layered, with a zipper placket at the white cartoon rabbit pattern, very childlike sense, with yellow black strip leggings, under Wearing a red tube boots, so with the warm and stylish, so Ma Ma do not have to worry about the child frozen with it! What color is most attractive to the little girl? Of course, candy pink it! This pink jacket, hooded design, stitching white fur collar, it was sweet atmosphere. Coupled with the addition of lotus leaf frills, not only enhance the visual sense, but also the role of self-cultivation, so that children wear no significant bloated sense. Can be taken inside a dark sweater, wearing black lace skirt and white hope, coupled with a red boots, a lot of princess sweet Fan temperament Oh!

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