How do such customers follow?

I have a customer who has queried with me since the Christmas Eve last year, but in the constant communication, the customer has already approved our samples, but it is the time to push the order for various reasons, in July. At the time, Dodge said that in August, Europe would have to put about a month of high temperature holiday, ok, good, I wait, but when the customer is still a "drag word" in September, we will stabilize us first, and we will not say that we don't want us. The product, that is to say, to order, but also to wait for the news, because they have a backlog of gas spring waiting for them to deal with, if you want the exact order time, at least 4-6 weeks Time will tell the result.

How do such customers ask me to follow? Although I have summed up a lot of experience in other clients, I can't hook up with this customer. I am a little depressed, but in any case, I still have to figure out a solution.

Method 1: Let it be natural, customers want us to wait, well, we wait. Wait until the customer orders, no matter how long.

Method 2: Proactively contact the customer and ask why the order was postponed.

Friends, if it is you, how do you choose?

If you agree with the second method, how do I contact the customer? Because I was too impatient, I was forced to wait three or four times because the customer didn't reply. As a result, the customer asked me to wait patiently for their reply, so this time I want to tell the customer, I will let him feel that I still have patience with his client. What about it?

Although I have to remind myself that I have to pay 200% of patience for such a customer, sometimes it is inevitable that I am a little impatient. After all, this single has been dragging on this for a long time, it can be said that it is physically and mentally exhausted, but In order to make a profit, in order to make money, I still have to bear it, but sometimes I will think about it, when will this "bearing" endure.

In combination with other customers, except for one of the former British customers, it seems that they have been with them for almost a year. It is not that this customer is special, but it is worth mentioning that other customers have not dragged our meaning. There is a clear indication that this customer's mother-in-law's today pushes tomorrow, and tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, is such a customer really wanting to marry our products? I am not 100% sure now. Can you give me some advice?