Beware of the "sleep pollution" around you.

According to a World Health Organization survey, about 27% of people worldwide have sleep problems. To this end, the Global Sleep and Health Program, sponsored by the International Mental Health Organization, launched a global event in 2001 – the March 21st of each year as “World Sleep Day” to raise awareness of sleep. And attention to sleep quality. Because of competition, because of stress, because of fast pace and so on, modern people's sleep has become a problem. However, some experts have pointed out recently that the causes of sleep are of course related to competition and stress, but there are also some reasons that are often neglected, such as the quality of bedding, the placement of bedroom furniture, and so on. Perhaps these are not eye-catching details, but ultimately become the cause of "sleep pollution."

Country coarse cloth to drive away the foreign lace

The dowry has always been a special gift for girls, and the mood when preparing for dowry is sweet. In the dowry, the most important part is the bedding. It is the concrete manifestation of the hostess's taste, and it is also the reflection of the hostess's intentions in the details, and even directly affects the quality of the family's sleep.

It was only a few months after she was married. The fine bedding that she "married" with her was only stored in that beautiful big bed for three days, and she was "expelled" by her husband. The reason is that these things look beautiful, but they are too uncomfortable to use. Her husband's hometown is far away from the northern countryside. He is accustomed to the softness and warmth of cotton. Nowadays, he is covered with beautiful lace, which makes him feel nervous. When he wakes up, he feels backache. And it may be because the fabric of the lining is not cotton, which makes him feel itchy. In order not to sweep the wife's prosperity, it took three days to "replace" all of them. However, Qian's dowry is something that is too expensive and too expensive. It can only be replaced with a quilt cover and a padded quilt made by the mother-in-law.

Recently, the continuous emergence of food problems has caused more and more people to pay attention to "food safety." Affected by this, the field of home textiles, which has not been popular among the public, has also begun to pay attention to the problem of “sleep pollution”. As a result, the concept of green consumption of bedding has been gradually promoted. The industry believes that although one-third of people's lives are spent with bedding, consumers are not very rational and scientific about the choice of bedding. Most of them still regard price and style as the primary considerations for choosing bedding. There is no deep understanding of whether it is conducive to health and comfort. The rise of healthy bedding should be the mainstream of the market.

There are also tricks to buy bedding. The first thing is to look at the appearance. Good quality bedding, clear lines, full print, fine cloth surface, no blurry texture, rough printing. Consumers should choose products that are lighter in color or natural in color, because they are not easy to fade. The second is to smell the smell. Good quality products are generally fresh and natural, with no odor. The other is to touch the texture. The good product feels comfortable and delicate, and has a tightness. It feels rough and loose.

Drive the appliance out of the bedroom

With the improvement of living standards, not only are there more and more household appliances in the living room and kitchen, but the types of household appliances in the bedroom are getting more and more. These appliances give us more unexpected benefits while giving the bedroom more features to rest.

Both Ann and her husband are white-collar workers. They have almost no laptops, work, games, chats, etc. The computer is everywhere in their lives. Husband also loves music. The bedroom is not big. It is occupied by two stereos. In order to pursue the effect of watching movies, the oversized LCD TV is even more shocking in this small space. In their home, in addition to eating time in the dining room, at other times, both of them are almost in the bedroom. Speaking of it, the couple are still white-collar workers who pay more attention to their health. They also know that excessive use of electrical appliances is not conducive to health. But nowadays, like the professional people of their nature, computers and mobile phones are the tools they rely on to survive. For a long time, An and her husband felt that sleep was not good. Sometimes people felt very tired, but they couldn’t sleep. They didn’t have the spirit to go to work the next day. The two went to the doctor separately, and the body functions and organs were no problem. The doctor determined that it was the influence of external factors. The two wanted to break their heads, and finally confirmed that too many appliances in the bedroom caused trouble. Ann himself has always opposed the sound in the bedroom. She likes to be quiet, but she didn't care because her husband insisted. Now, the first thing she starts is to take the sound out of the bedroom and stipulate that the computer is not allowed to be brought into the bedroom. Work or leisure can only be in the living room, and there is time limit. This saves electricity, is more conducive to healthy sleep, and is good for the body.

Household appliances have brought us more convenience in life and more and more electromagnetic pollution. As we all know, televisions, refrigerators, computers, mobile phones and other electrical appliances will generate electromagnetic radiation to the surrounding environment when working, and electromagnetic radiation can be said to be everywhere. When electromagnetic radiation exceeds a certain intensity, it constitutes "electromagnetic pollution", which can cause headaches, insomnia, memory loss, decreased vision, abnormal blood pressure, etc., and may also cause cataracts, miscarriages, and even cancer.

Female menopause into sleep "pollution" critically ill

According to a survey conducted by the China Sleep Research Association, the incidence of insomnia in Chinese adults exceeds 30%. After women enter menopause, hormone secretion is reduced and endocrine dysfunction is more likely, and the quality of sleep is increasingly poor. Ms. Zhu is 52 years old this year. It stands to reason that she is now the most relaxed day. My son has graduated from college and found a good job. Her husband’s career is not high-ranking, but it is also stable. He has already retired. He has no work and life pressure. Have a leisurely leisure. Only recently, she always felt that something was wrong with her body, especially the quality of sleep was very poor. Her husband could hang up the anger of her heart and blame him. Sometimes the husband can't bear it, and the two can quarrel in the middle of the night. Looking at her husband's listlessness during the day, Ms. Zhu felt regretful for her inappropriate words and deeds. However, serious insomnia makes her very painful. Ms. Zhu is very clear that her abnormality is related to the arrival of menopause.

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