How to price foreign trade goods

First, the pricing method
1. Fixed price, which is a method of pricing used in international trade. There should be at least the following four aspects in the price terms:

(1) The quantity unit of the price, for example "per metric ton";

(2) The unit price is for example "100";

(3) The currency of valuation such as "US dollar";

(4) Trade terms such as "FOB Guangzhou";

(5) Other agreements.

2. Non-fixed price

(1) Temporarily not to be priced

1) Determine the price according to the international market conditions at the time of delivery or shipment;

2) Add (or subtract) X US dollars based on the closing price of the relevant commodity transaction in X-X-X;

(2) Provisional price

1) Sliding price: P=P0×F(X)

Where P is the delivery price; P0 is the base price determined by the contract; F(X) is the contract price determination function determined by the contract.

2) Negotiated price: The negotiation clause of the price can be specified in the contract, but it must be clarified which price is used when there is no result in the negotiation.

Second, the goods are short and loaded

In the contract, the corresponding clauses can be formulated for the short-loading of the goods. Under normal circumstances, the specified short-loaded parts are calculated at the contract price. The following factors can be considered in special cases:

1. The situation in which the short pack is beneficial to the buyer;

2. The situation in which the short pack is beneficial to the seller;

3. Spilled shorts are beneficial to both buyers and sellers.

Third, the additional cost of goods packaging

The cost of goods packaging is generally included in the contract price. If the buyer requests special packaging and the seller agrees, the price may be increased as appropriate.

Fourth, commissions and discounts

The relationship between commission, commission rate, commission and net price in the contract is:

Commission = commission price × commission rate;

Net price = commission rate - commission = commission price (1- commission rate);

Discount is a percentage of the seller's concession to the buyer at the original price.

Discounted price = original price × (1 - discount rate) arrival and delivery of goods

After the goods are delivered to the arrival station, unless otherwise agreed, the carrier or its agent shall promptly notify the consignee of the arrival of the goods. The notice includes both telephone and written forms. The arrival notice of the urgent goods shall be issued within 2 hours after the arrival of the goods, and the ordinary goods shall be issued within 24 hours.

The goods will be kept for free for 3 days from the day after the arrival of the arrival notice. After the overdue withdrawal, the carrier or its agent will collect the custodian fee as required.

The goods are detained by the inspection authority or are stored in the carrier's warehouse due to violation of regulations, and the consignee or shipper shall bear the storage fee and other related expenses.

For animals, fresh perishables and other goods transported on a specified date and flight, the shipper shall be responsible for notifying the consignee of the arrival at the airport of the station.

The consignee picks up the goods with the arrival notice and my resident ID card or other valid identity documents; when entrusting others to pick up the goods, the consignee and the consignee's resident ID card or other valid ID documents are specified by the arrival notice and the consignment note. Pick up the goods. If the carrier or its agent requests the issuance of a unit introduction letter or other valid certificate, the consignee shall provide it.

The carrier shall deliver the goods to the consignee after counting the number of goods listed on the freight forwarder. When the goods are found to be in short supply or damaged, they shall be inspected on the spot with the consignee, and if necessary, fill in the record of the accident of the cargo transportation, and the two parties shall sign or seal them.

When the consignee picks up the goods, if there is any objection to the status or weight of the outer packaging of the goods, it shall be checked or re-checked.

After the consignee takes the goods and signs them on the shipper without objection, the goods are deemed to have been delivered.
When the consignee consigns the goods and the name listed on the consignment note does not match or encloses the goods and dangerous goods prohibited by the government from being transported or restricted, the carrier shall deal with the following provisions:

(1) Stop shipping at the departure station, notify the shipper to withdraw, and the freight will not be refunded.

(2) Stop the transportation at the transfer station, notify the shipper, the freight will not be refunded, and the freight with the name mismatch shall be charged separately according to the actual shipping segment.

(3) At the arrival station, for the shipments whose product names do not match, the freight will be collected for the whole journey.

The goods shall not be picked up on the 14th day after the next day of the notification of the arrival of the goods. The arrival station shall notify the originating station to solicit the shipper's handling opinions on the goods; if no one has extracted and received the shipper's handling opinions after 60 days, According to the undeliverable goods.

For goods that cannot be delivered, inventory, registration and custody should be done.

All goods that are prohibited and restricted by the state from transporting goods, valuables and precious cultural and historical materials shall be transferred to the competent national authorities for invaluable treatment; all general production and living materials shall be transferred to the relevant material department or commercial department at a price; Items that are perishable or difficult to store may be disposed of at the discretion of the carrier. If it is disposed of, the costs incurred will be borne by the shipper.

The payment for the price shall be promptly handed over to the financial department of the carrier for safekeeping. Within 90 days from the date of processing, if the shipper or the consignee claims, the balance after deducting the storage fee and handling fee of the goods shall be refunded to the claimant; if the claim is still unclaimed after 90 days, the payment shall be submitted to the national treasury. .

For the result of the undeliverable cargo, the shipper should be notified via the originating station.

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