Marketing skills: difficult to sell goods

The norm does not mean a rigid, but will reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble for the future. To do a good job, it is also necessary to regulate, and simply lowering the price is not a long-term solution.

Share the German business philosophy with you:

One day, I was brave enough to walk into the manager's office of a big shopping mall in Germany. I said that I wanted to talk to the manager about business. The manager is a middle-aged woman. She told me that I was the Chinese I met before she went to the door to talk about business.

I took out the cloisonne bottle and Xiang embroidery that I brought from China. Her attitude is very good. I looked at it and asked with a polite voice: "Do you have a document?" I don't understand, she said: "You represent the Chinese government. Which department? Or which province, which city government department?" I said: "I can't represent the government." The manager said: "Sorry, we only do business with Chinese officials, and sign with China's foreign trade department, import and export company. Agreement." I said: "Do you deal with different Chinese private institutions?" She said: "We must pass qualification confirmation and credit investigation before we can talk about anything else."

I don't give up, I think, big shopping malls have more rules, try to go to a small store. I ran a few small shops, and one of them was a crafts store, all of which touched nails. Some only enter the formal channels of goods, some people frankly say that such Chinese handicrafts are not easy to sell.

Once, I walked into a supermarket and told the manager that I was Chinese. He enthusiastically took me to the store and took out a piece of merchandise, with colorful Christmas ornaments, a small and exquisite gift box, and a small tape recorder. The instructions were marked "Made in China."

The manager is an old man, Thao Shuang, he said: "I have been to China, like the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Huangshan, so I entered a lot of Chinese goods." I said: "Do you still want Chinese goods?" He shrugged "Now no need. There are still a lot here. Young people, I have close contact with Chinese companies, they provide sufficient supply." I am busy saying: "I can also provide goods, the price is cheaper." He spreads both hands and said :"Maybe."

After a few days, I went to him again and said that I was able to offer him a variety of goods, and the price might be cheaper. I think, businessman, who doesn't want to make more money? He was a little unhappy, and said seriously: "I really don't understand how you do this. In order to grab business, don't be afraid to hurt your peers?" I said: "This is competition." He said: "Competition should be on the quality of goods. If you use the method of lowering the price, in the end, it is the interests of your country. You see, the German brand does not cut prices, but everyone buys it." I was blushing.

Although the business has not been discussed, I have really learned the business philosophy of Germany: rigorous and standardized, it is no wonder that the market of people is orderly.

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