Cao Cao Crystal Beads are Precious Jade

“After investigating the relics around the cemetery and the ground, 6 newly discovered tombs were discovered around the tomb of Cao Cao (Tomb No. 2).” Yesterday, the expert responsible for Anyang Cao Cao’s Gaoling archaeology said that these tombs are not Cao Cao’s relatives, nephews, or ministers. The tomb cannot be proved at present because it has not been excavated.

According to Tang Jigen, a researcher at the Institute of Archaeology at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, stone and other stone artifacts unearthed from Cao Cao’s tomb are a very special kind of limestone. The scientific name is called vermiculite. This kind of stone can be formed over hundreds of millions of years and is very natural. Difficult to find, but there is on Taihang Mountain in Linzhou. After nearly two thousand years of underground burying of these stone relics, groundwater and earth scale have been infiltrated for a long time and have been attached to the surface of the cultural relics. “Fake” is impossible.

Experts also identified the crystal beads contained in the mouth of Cao Cao, and believed that this oval-shaped bead is a kind of glassy jadeite, and its texture is pure and precious. China's earliest discovery of the texture of the beads was the Ming Dynasty. The discovery of Cao Cao's tomb pushed the history of the beads forward for another millennium.

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