Save money on carpet maintenance to be a savvy housewife

1. The cost of the carpet life cycle The cost of the carpet life cycle is calculated by dividing the basic manufacturing cost of the carpet, the installation cost and the extra cost of the installation, and the sum of the maintenance costs divided by the years the carpet is consumed. How long the carpet can be used, mainly depending on how acceptable it is. Some of these types of carpets cost 60% more maintenance than regular carpets in order to maintain a good appearance. As a result, long-term savings in maintenance costs are enough to offset the huge investment originally used to purchase quality carpets.

2, carpet maintenance and cost The life of the carpet is affected by many factors, such as carpet manufacturing quality, fiber, texture, type, color, pattern, cushion, usage, use, maintenance needs. It can be seen how important the correct maintenance method is to extend the life of the carpet. In the absence of a detailed carpet care plan or a maintenance that is only occasionally done, the appearance of the wear and tear is necessarily faster and more serious than the carpet that receives daily care, so the cost of maintenance and repair can be changed at any time, which is difficult to budget. All in all, the sum of such expenditures is usually more than budgeted and planned maintenance expenditures.

The facts show that effective maintenance measures can extend the life cycle of the carpet. The longer the carpet is used, the lower its annual cost.

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