Xiang Ying Hong Kong International Women's Spring Festival sent blessings and the people throughout the country to celebrate the festive season

Jin snake dance at the old age, the horse speeding towards the Spring Festival; years of age similar to the shadow, years of different years of incense. Carrying the dream of a hundred years of garment enterprises, Hong Kong, Hong Ying International women's clothing all the way trials and hardships, Houdezaiwu. May this festival be celebrated with the people throughout the country.


Fragrance brand clothing positioned as high-end fashion, career and leisure are affordable. Mainly for a group of vibrant; full of confidence; nor pan-elegant, stylish, independent personality and considerable cultural accomplishment, well-dressed women 25-35 years old new social design.
At the same time of sustained development, the resolution planners took control of the reform with the courage of the Malaysian Gold Knife. It tapped the market internally, aggressively expanded the market to the outside world, won the market with honesty and credibility, and took up the challenge with hard work and hard work. Hong Ying shadow to a more standardized management, more efficient production model, angrily walked in the forefront of clothing to send Hangzhou.

In the last century, the invention of faux fur advanced human civilization. Faux fur products, which look very similar to the real animal fur, could be produced and no harm to animals. Faux fur products are not only warm, easy care and diverse, but also greatly contribute to protecting animals and ecology for human beings.

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