Japan shows the world's longest pearl necklace up to 222 meters in length

The world's longest pearl necklace, recognized by the Guinness World Records, is displayed at the Hanshin Department Store in Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan. This necklace is the longest in the world, reaching 222 meters.

According to reports, this pearl necklace was produced by the Shima City Tourist Association of Mie Prefecture, Japan, to promote Shima City as the birthplace of pearl farming. The necklace is said to be made from 2,750 pearls produced locally and weighs 20.2 kg. Equivalent to 555 40 cm long necklaces.

In addition, the production of this necklace was completed by a total of 2,600 people from Shima citizens and tourists. The person in charge of the Mie Prefecture Tourism Association said: "This world's longest necklace is made by the hands of everyone. It is very long and long, and we will love it for a long time."

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