Long section of the coat with how? Long coat with the skills

Winter in order to better keep warm and warm, a lot of MM in the selection of jackets will choose the long section of the design, while the long section of the design can also help us to cover the extra fat, is a fat little MM sharp weapon, So long section of the coat should be how to match? Xiaobian here to support for the buddy who will not match the sister paper hurry to learn Oh!


In order to be more self-cultivation was thin, a lot of MM will choose the black line within the ride, then we can be the same as the MM, pick black primer shirt + black leggings + black high-heeled boots with, and then take a bright color Department of the long section of the coat can be stylish and was significantly thinner, whether it is for work or everyday wear are suitable. Of course, if it is bright color within the ride, it is recommended to choose dark-dark coat to match.

中长款外套如何搭配? 中长款外套搭配的技巧

If you want to make yourself look more feminine, may wish to choose short skirts to wear with the long section of the jacket, such as the model on the map with this body is a good demonstration, but in order to better warm Warm, winter suggest that you put the shoes replaced knee boots, exposing part of the thigh skin can, and the same was significantly high and feminine! (Photo Source: Sidi Daisha Women )

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