Huan new upgrade, and then tree benchmarking! NEEZA Le Sha Huai'an Central Asian New Store reload opening it!

Dear shark fans, after an intense and orderly preparation of construction, NEEZA Le shark children's clothing Huaian Central Asia shop reload upgrade, grand opening it! Brand new layout, new display, elegant and chic decoration style and every meticulous layout, elegant transfiguration into a fashion scene, in this early winter season, not only let Po Mom Po dad feel NEEZA music shark children care and Warmth, shark fans even more to experience the beauty of childlike innocence experience a good place. As the leader of NEEZA Le Shake Terminal Store, Huaian Central New Asia Branch not only made repeated success in brand sales, but also benchmarked the standardized operation and refined management of NEEZA Le Shark Terminal. The counter image upgrade, in the all-round, three-dimensional renovation of the hardware environment, but also a powerful interpretation of NEEZA Le shark children's clothing adhere to service innovation and image upgrades foresight, writing NEEZA Le shark children's clothing to strengthen the important chapter of brand value . Over the past 5 years, NEEZA Le Jha Children's Garments have taken root in Jiangsu and Anhui Provinces and have radiated all over China. The influence of the brand has infiltrated children's fashion lifestyle. More than 200 shops spread all over the cities of Jiangsu, Shanghai, Wuhan, Xi'an and Chongqing. , Chengdu, Mianyang, Shijiazhuang, Jinan, Weifang and other places of the bustling commercial circle of major shopping malls; and Golden Eagle, Ocean, Central, Wanda, Yaohan, business capital, Minsheng, Maoye, Northland, one hundred and other business systems also maintained Long-term good relations of cooperation; in this one, including the emergence of a group of star stores, including Huaian Central Asia, including: Nanjing Central, Nanjing Xin Bai, Xin Su International ... ... As a children's fashion lifestyle advocacy brand, NEEZA Le shark In addition to the perseverance of children's wear their own texture, R & D excellence, focused on 3-14-year-olds to provide fashion and elegant, comfortable and environmentally friendly wearing experience at the same time, pay more attention to guiding children in their childhood experience of wisdom, love, bravery and innovation. In the future, NEEZA Lok Sha children's clothing will continue its efforts, so that fashion flowers all over the country, so that more 3-14 children enjoy childhood fashion life!

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