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非粼服饰期待与有志之士  共创美好未来

We have our own factory and are dedicated to the manufacture 

and wholesales of quality clothing accessories

Production Name:

Embroidery fabric lace











Delivery time

About 10-20days after confirming the order


1.High quality with factory price

2.Natural health

3.Environmentally friendly material lace fabric


Widely used in home textile lace,girls dress lace,skirt lace,

Or safety vest/T-shirt/under wear/garment accessory.


1.20-25kgs per paper roll with strong poly bag outside woven bag.

2.The height of per roll is about 25-35cm,the length is 150-160cm.

3.There are about 150 rolls in a 20' FCL.

Fabric details:
FABRIC DETAILSFABRIC PHOTO1Embroidery  Lace FabricEmbroidery  Lace Fabric





Embroidery Lace Fabric

Embroidery Lace Fabric,Embroidered Lace Fabric,Bridal Lace Trim,White Beaded Lace Fabric