Sixth Children's Day approaching green fruit Children's clothing to remind children's attention to quality and safety

This weekend is about to welcome the Children's Day, and parents just take advantage of the holidays to bring their own babies to go out and buy some new clothes. Children's wear market will usher in a small consumption peak, while in the mixed children's wear market, mixed with a wide range of "poisonous" children's clothing. Green fruit strict selection of high-quality children's clothing, high-quality fabric care baby every inch of skin, green fruit children's wear is also to remind parents, children's wear in the selection of the baby, children should pay attention to the quality and safety. First of all, the purchase of infant clothing must be based on the quality first, choose to indicate "infants and young children's products" and "do not dry clean" words children's clothing. Second, do not buy strong odor children's clothing, try to buy light-colored, non-fluorescent brightener or paint printing children's clothing, try not to buy anti-wrinkle treated children's clothing. Third, the children with rope straps, parents should check the head and neck, waist and back, leg at three parts, try not to give children under the age of 14 buy neck or hat with a rope on the children's clothing, or the rope completely removed Then give the child to wear. Green fruit children's clothing concerned about the health and environmental protection, selection of high quality materials, factory management system to meet European standards, so you peace of mind. Whether it is color matching, style design or the use of surface materials are focused on children's dreams, playful and this particular group of people's physical, habits organically combine both function and fashion, highlighting the color of children's clothing and meet the physiological needs of children's humanity Design.

T/C AND 100% COTTON Woven Fusible Interlining(HDPE/LDPE COATING)

1. Features:

     -- More even and smoothly grey cloth

     -- Handfeel:Soft,Medium,Medium Hard and Hard as customers' require

     -- Perfect bonding strength

     -- Excellent shrinkage control

     -- Garantee for washable,dry-washable

2. Technical Data:

     -- Gray cloth: 100% cotton

     -- Width: 112cm

3.Packing:50M/Y per roll, 2rolls per bag

Shoulder Interlining

Shoulder Interlining,White Shoulder Interlining,Black Color Shoulder Interlining,Red Shoulder Interlining

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