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Whether it is clerk or customer, know how to dress with a certain skill is very important. Understand these skills, clerks can be based on each customer's different characteristics, targeted to put forward personalized clothing with programs, customers can also according to their own personality or needs, using skills with clothes to achieve the desired effect. Next, "offside offside" juvenile wear to introduce some of the clothing with tips: First, the fair-skinned people can choose lemon yellow, apple green or purple and other colors of clothes, the use of bright colors highlight the advantages of the skin. People with darker skin color should not choose brightly colored clothes, but do not choose the color that is easy to reflect. In order to avoid darker skin, darker colors such as dark green, purplish red and brown should be chosen. Skin yellow, yellowish people, you can choose red, purple, purple and other colors of the clothes, so that color and color with a more coordinated. Second, the simple and honest, kind person, clothing can be dark purple, dark blue and other cool-based or dark-based, supplemented by white or other light, so that appears mature and calm. Quiet and even a little introverted personality, you can choose the main blue and other cool colors, plus a little white embellishment clothes, seemed easygoing and cordial. Girls can be with a pink skirt, looks more gentle, delicate. Personally lively, sunshine, dress can be yellow-based, less than the red, it seems warm and cheerful. Third, the slim, thin people can choose the waist section of the shirt, in addition, loose pants, pleated skirts and so on can effectively cover up body weight, but remember not to wear tight pants, otherwise it will expose the legs Thin. If it is too fat, is "O" shape rounded body, it is best to use the color of the shallow depth of the superposition of the law, or wear loose version of the pants. Wide shoulders narrow buttocks, inverted triangle body type, more suitable to wear large collar, loose shirt, not suitable to wear tight pants. Offside clothing (offside juvenile equipment) Address: Jiahe Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou Jia Jun Jia Jun Industrial Park Investment Hotline: 020 -61193083 Join agent area: http://

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