Mira bear children's clothing, summer fun over the sky

The hot summer has come, it is clear that this summer is late, in recent days, we are immersed in the heat in the summer. Our mood is as hot as the weather, because in Miura Bear stores across the country, there has been a shopping craze, Mira Star Xiamen store, Fuzhou shop, Guangzhou shop, Shenzhen shop, Shenyang Tianrun Square store, Beijing stores, Henan Dennis shop , Various stores in Singapore, Jinan Sun City Store, Anhui stores, Chongqing stores, Sichuan stores, Jiangxi Nanchang store, Hunan Chenzhou store, Hunan Yueyang store, Guangxi stores, Sichuan stores, Guizhou stores, Shaanxi stores, Yunnan Kunming stores all kinds of rich Colorful activities and six one activities, the scene unusually hot, and even out of stock situation. In this regard, the company also stepped up its efforts to ensure the timely supply of goods on the one hand, on the other hand, the introduction of low-cost products in return for the vast number of consumers love the bear and children's clothing brand Mira bear love and support. Hong Kong "Mira Bear" brand of children's wear by Hong Kong Mira Wool International Industrial Co., Ltd., excellent Mira (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. produced from many elements of fashion brought together the international metropolis of Hong Kong, the company is headquartered in economically developed, Beauty of Xiamen. For children aged 0 to 12 years old, Mira Bears Children's Wear inherits the ancient, innocent and mythological traditions of the East and draws on Japanese and Korean fashion elements to create a children's clothing brand for growing children. Since the establishment of the company, Mira House has always been "the intention to build China's children's wear brand" for the purpose of "children's brand leader to achieve" as the goal, to provide children with the best quality clothing. Miraculously advocates innocence, healthy and happy growth concept, demonstrates children's lovely instincts and strives to create a good school with excellent characters and learning. The brand slogan of "Excellent in Quality and Best in Value, Mira Optimal" has been widely known. At present, the company headquarters plant construction area of ​​over 10,000 square meters, more than 1,000 employees. 22 provinces in the country agents, throughout Beijing, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shenyang and other cities, a total of nearly 300 franchisees. At the same time, in foreign countries such as Singapore, South Korea, Italy, Malaysia and other places set up sales outlets to meet the needs of foreign customers. And every year, with different proportions of data increasing, the prospects are gratifying. Bao Jian Feng from the honed, plum incense from bitter cold. Mira bear will, as always, strive to achieve the leader of children's wear brand. The future, the company will be a new attitude towards a new level, to China, towards internationalization. For their children into the adolescent period to establish their own children's clothing hall. For each child to provide the best quality clothing, for their healthy growth into a new vitality! Our advantages: In addition to continuing to maintain a high-quality mid-price strategy in the product line, Mira Bear Children's Wear will also step up its efforts to excavate and shape the brand culture of Mira Star in order to establish the unique brand image of Mira Bear. Currently, Mira bear mainly has the following advantages: 1. Leading design: featuring the famous designer, excellent designer team, powerful new product ability; 2. Outstanding quality: Widely used by international brands Agree with the world's leading production line and the country's top technical personnel; 3. Low price: low price, with greater market competitiveness, greater room for expansion and strong market-oriented ability; 4. Regulated Operation: Laying the role of children's wear Mirabell, strictly regulate the channels to ensure the interests of the terminal market; 5. Strong strength: a strong background of production strength, targeting China's strong brand children's clothing, to create a strong win-win value chain; 6. Wholeheartedly service: Strong market monitoring team, rapid market response, improve the channel service system Mira bear children's clothing located in the middle and high-block children's clothing brand, high-grade quality, low price is the biggest highlight of the bear. Join Hotline: Contact: Manager Chen QQ: Official Website: Address: Meilan Road, Tong'an District, Xiamen City, Siming Industrial Park, 31 Miura Bear Building, 7th Floor Office

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