Discrimination of the risk of the jade market

It is said that gold has a priceless jade, and the risk and temptation of the jade market may be the same. "The price of jade can still rise," Pan Jiayuan said firmly. Experts have been worried, the rise of jade is not only the projection of the principle of supply and demand, but "anything that stirs up, the price will return to the original, just like there is no stock that does not fall."

Jade dealer said that it can rise another 5 times

"Who can persist until the end, who can taste the sweetness."

Although it is a commonplace, the scarcity of jade is still the greatest source of confidence for jade merchants. "As long as things are rare and expensive, the price of jade can still rise!" Wan Jiang, a jade merchant in the Beijing Panjiayuan flea market, told reporters.

In Wan Jun’s view, investing in jadeite must be worthwhile in the present place where the production area is about to dry up. “The industry generally estimates that at the current mining speed, Burmese jade can only be mined for another 10 to 20 years, and now some high-grade good materials have almost been mined, such as the famous Mu Na Hang, glass with green The original stone has already been gleamed, but there are still some stocks in the hands of individual Myanmar mine owners."

"As long as the collection is a boutique, it will be no problem to increase it by 5 to 10 times within a few years." Wan Jun asserted.

In addition to the depletion of raw materials, the market environment is also seen as the reason for the rise in the price of jadeite. In recent years, the Myanmar government has also begun to limit the exploitation of jade wool, banned wool exports, and exported finished jade; Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea have also entered Myanmar to carry out mining and trade of jade, breaking the monopoly of China. These factors are believed to cause an increase in the price of jade in the Chinese market.

Of course, the biggest enthusiasm of the jade advocates comes from the status quo: although the criticism of the jade price bubble has not been cut off for several years, the price of jade is still rising. "The last two years have fallen, and this year has risen again. This shows that the price of jade is not as fragile as the propaganda." Wan Jun said. "Who can persist until the end, who can taste the sweetness."

Experts judge that the price is too high

"Don't let yourself be the last stick in the high price of hype."

For the rise of jade this year, in the view of Yao Zheng, director of the Jade Collection Committee of China Collectors Association and president of China Tibet Network, there is no “looking so beautiful”. He believes that the reason for the rise of jade this year is more complicated than that imagined by the merchants. many.

"In addition to the restrictions imposed by the Myanmar government, jadeite cannot flow into China as much as before. The uncertainty of domestic investment has also become the culprit in pushing up the price of jadeite." In his view, traditional investment projects such as gold and property market are now large. After the fall and regulation, the uncertainty of the trend has increased, but private funds must also find the export of investment. At this time, the jadeite has more or less taken on such a heavy responsibility, and the merchants seized the opportunity to expand the jadeite. The impact of investment, the price will also rise.

"Anything that stirs up, the price will be restored to the original, just like there are no stocks that don't fall, these high prices that are being speculated, one day is going to return." In Yao Zheng's view, the price of jade is indeed already Too high, but this is the highest point, he is not sure. However, he told reporters that things that are generally short-lived and that are not well understood by people are often turned into objects of speculation, and there are such problems in the jade market.

Yao Zheng also suggested that if people want to invest in the jade market, they must do their best. Nowadays, the price of jadeite is already very high, and the investment of the people must not follow suit. "The speculation of some merchants will make the price of jade appear to continue to rise, but where is the high point, I am afraid that only the speculators know best. Don't let yourself be the last stick in the high price of hype."

In addition, Yao Zheng said that jade jewelry sold in stores is often low-end jade, the price is relatively cheap. But realizing it is very difficult. He said that once jade jewelry is worn, especially for a long time, it may not be easy to re-appear, and shops and other places generally do not recycle.

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