Yizheng Chemical Fiber “super imitation cotton” is favored

Yizheng Chemical Fiber “super imitation cotton” is favored In mid-July, the report titled “Performance and Application of Super-imitation Cotton Polyester Staple Fiber” became a highlight in the 14th session of the new chemical fiber raw material application technology seminar in the knitting and other related industries. Samples were sold out and cotton spinning companies participated in the conference. Discuss cooperation with Yihua.

In fact, as early as May of this year, after a user of a cotton spinning enterprise in Fujian tried Yizheng Chemical's “super-imitation cotton”, it placed an order of 10 tons in June.

According to Xue Bin, director of scientific research management department of the Science and Technology Development Department, ordinary polyester, namely “Danliang”, is born from the perspective of “imitation cotton”. It is the first generation of imitation cotton products. The "super-imitation cotton" combines the excellent characteristics of cotton and polyester, and makes up for the deficiencies of both, it has the properties of cotton skin-friendly, soft and warm, and also has the good mechanical properties and color fastness of polyester, and it can also have Perspiration, quick-drying, anti-pilling and atmospheric pressure can be dyed and other functions.

In 2010, Yihua and the Chinese Academy of Textile Science and other more than 20 colleges and universities jointly applied for the national "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" technology support plan project "Super-imitation cotton synthetic fiber and its textile industrialization technology development", combining production, teaching and research. , Upstream, midstream and downstream companies joined hands to accelerate the development of "super-imitation cotton" research and industrialization process.

Yihua's ultra-imitation cotton polyester staple fiber R&D and production team has conducted dozens of small-scale trials and mid-tests to solve a number of technical problems. After more than 20 user trials, Yihua's "super-imitation cotton" has been approved and it has now entered the industrial trial production stage.

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