Woman and jewelry

This topic is very vulgar, but women still have to talk with jewelry. Even if the heroine of Titanic does not love her fiancé, she still shines when he takes out the heart of the ocean. Jewelry to women is like smoking and drinking to men, just infatuation, often not related to love.

When a woman never loves jewelry, jewellery is just a tool for men to limit women. He calls a woman to wear it and then listen to the sound of the jingle to make sure his woman is absent. The former woman seems to be suitable for wearing jewelry, 娉娉婷婷, bead ring jade, a gold slanting inserted, how beautiful. In the past, women did not wear diamonds. They wore corals wearing red agates and green emeralds, so the former women were not unassuming, and they had a gentle character like jade. Later, for a period of time, women did not wear anything. Women who did not wear jewels were like scentless flowers. They dressed like Chairman Mao, wearing the Chairman’s cap and carrying a big iron shovel to transform the world. As a result, the world was not transformed, but lost. The woman's own world.

Since the advertisement of Dalebis said that "Diamonds are long-lasting, a eternal rumor", more and more people are willing to buy a diamond that will never be circulated when they are married. To be honest, Chinese women are not suitable for wearing diamonds and diamonds. Let their skin appear more yellow. But now the woman seems to prefer the glamorous, this diamond is suitable.

There are four kinds of women wearing four kinds of jewels that are beautiful: the 60-year-old woman wears a golden scorpion, which has some scratches on it, her hands are loose and full of wrinkles, which is a kind of peaceful and tolerant beauty; The 30-year-old woman wore a silver bracelet. In the bar, her hair was light and her eyes were blurred. The hand wearing a silver bracelet swayed the cup. It was a decadent beauty; twenty-five years old was not married. The girl, the slender wrist should wear a jade bracelet, the jade's aura matches her calmness. When she flips the page, the jade bracelet touches the corner of the table, which is a kind of elegant beauty; the 16-year-old girl A small pearl on the neck, the light light is like a light youth. When she walks on campus, the pearl dances on her neck, which is a pure beauty.

Beautiful women wear the right jewels to complement each other. Wearing the wrong jewels is a superfluous addition. Advise the world man to give her the right jewelry when she is beautiful, not too expensive, because jewelry often has nothing to do with love, just a woman's obsession, don't use it to test love.

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