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In many cases, the Chinese people are self-deprecating that God is not fair. Chinese people are not as good looking as Europeans and Americans. Indeed, many Chinese men's body is not as good as the inverted triangle of Europe and the United States, the skeleton, so we need to overcome many problems to wear clothes. However, if the right choice of their own style, and high-quality suits must be able to help you find confidence to wear a suit. Let's take a look at Xiaobian several styles recommended for you. Next Xiaobian bring you a few tips for suits maintenance, I hope for your help! 1, a suit do not wear more than two days: Most high-end suits are mostly wool, silk, mohair, cashmere and other raw materials, these suits through, due to local tension and deformation, but let it rest, will be able to recover , It is best not to wear more than two consecutive days, so should prepare two or three sets to wear. 2, suits do not frequent washing: suits generally use high-grade wool, only suitable for dry cleaning, if only a small area stained with stains, the situation is not serious, you do not have to spend money to dry cleaning, as long as the first time with a little water or a detergent Gently wipe the cloth, the stain will slowly disappear. Suits in the high frequency of washing, the internal structure vulnerable to damage, suits will be deformed aliasing.

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