What is the difference between Hetian jade and jadeite?

The Chinese have liked jade since ancient times. In ancient times, there was a saying of "Junzi Peiyu". When it comes to jade, it has to say that Hetian jade and jadeite are both. Hetian jade and jadeite are two very precious jade. So what is the difference between Hetian jade and jadeite?

In terms of the big picture, they mainly have the following differences:

1. Hetian jade has uniform color, mostly light color, and green type is dark green and black green. The jade color has a gradual process from light to deep, mostly bright colors.

2, Hetian jade's luster such as grease, soft color; jade's luster is more like the luster of glass.

3. The proportion of Hetian jade (3.00) is slightly lower than the proportion of jadeite.

4. Hetian jade's refractive index (1.62) is also slightly lower than that of jadeite.

To make a careful distinction, you can start from the following aspects.

1, the appearance is different. The difference in appearance is the most intuitive difference between the two kinds of jade. Hetian jade has a warm and greasy appearance, and the jadeite is transparent and bright, which seems to be domineering. In terms of image, Hetian jade is like a handsome Confucian scholar, and Jade is a great general who runs the battlefield.

2, the color is not the same. The common colors of Hetian jade are blue and white. Appreciate the color of Hetian jade depends on whether the color gives a clean and comfortable feeling, and whether the color is even and beautiful. The oily and even Hetian jade is the top grade. The jade is rich in color, and the high-quality jade color is full and full. Seeing the color of the jade is to pay attention to the saturation.

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