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Cashmere according to their color is divided into white cashmere, cashmere, purple cashmere, etc. One: white velvet 1. Color: light green and with a gray, not variegated villus intolerant, or to the price of cashmere. White velvet color ratio of 150%. 2. Origin: Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is China's famous white cashmere producing areas, the history of the Langshan white cashmere, Baotou white cashmere (Baolian cashmere), Duolun white cashmere, Hada white cashmere and Yike Zhao League, , Bayannur League, Alxa Left Banner, Chifeng are in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Bayannur League Lang Lang area of ​​white velvet, at home and abroad enjoy prestigious, among the best. 3. Features: slender fibers, strong pull, weakness, high net cashmere rate, color was ice candy color. Baotou white velvet was sub-white, slender fibers, large pull, gloss for the best quality in Inner Mongolia cashmere, is the famous white cashmere origin, produced in Xilin Gol League Duolun Rong, Zhaowuda League hanta velvet was green White, slender fiber, larger resistance, good gloss, softness slightly less than the above velvet, such as Yingkou, Gaoxian, Tongliao, Qinghai, Liuyuan, Tibet, Hami also produced white cashmere. Due to the dry climate in these areas, there is less sand in the wool, so the amount of cashmere is high. Second, Green Cashmere 1. Color: light blue and gray with a small amount of black silk allowed, the color ratio of 120%. 2. Origin: Qing Cashmere is the cashmere goat and red goat production, cashmere production less in our country, mainly produced in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of Xilin Gol League, Wu Lanchabu League and other places of the best quality. 3. Features: Fiber length, but thicker, Rally, good gloss. China's cashmere producing areas in addition to the above-mentioned areas, Xinjiang is also produced in the past, Xinjiang cashmere regardless of white cashmere, cashmere, purple cashmere, red cashmere is a hybrid acquisition, has been classified acquisition, Xinjiang Hami area mainly produces white cashmere, Fiber length, fineness coarse, green velvet meat red. Kashi area mainly produces velvet, because of the poor grass quality in the region, produced by velvet black. Three, purple velvet 1. Color: purple velvet is purple brown, regardless of color depth are called velvet. Which allows white, blue, red velvet folder, 100% color difference. The color difference is based on market demand and different prices of cashmere products may be, for example, white velvet white or light-colored products can be done with high prices, only the dark velvet velvet products can be sold at lower prices, but sometimes the market supply and demand , Color ratio will change. 2. Origin: Purple velvet black goat is produced velvet, purple velvet two major varieties, Bao Zi Road and Shunde Road. Origin of the buns Road Inner Mongolia, the production of purple velvet near Baotou, the packet road has now been expanded to Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Ningxia, Tibet, Shandong, Hebei, Zhangjiakou and other regions. Shunde Road not only refers to the river than Chengde, Xingtai area, but also includes Tangshan, Baoding, Shanxi, Anyang, Xinxiang, Luoyang and other regions, purple velvet Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of Yikezhao League Wushenqi the best quality, the first in the country. 3. Features: color is purple, fine and long fibers, fine oil, thick razor clam, pull large, shiny, high cashmere content, wrap Yulin velvet is better, the production of purple velvet is purple , Fiber length, shiny, due to the local forage and water source, the produced velvet also with grass flavor, Ik Sau League Etuokeqi and Hangjinqi purple velvet slightly inferior to the Wushenqi purple velvet, But are of good quality purple velvet, Suide velvet, velvet thin sticky, oil and more. Thin fat velvet at the end of the light, with more than the amount of skin. Shanxi Province, Hebei Province and other places purple velvet, thicker fibers, longer hair, inconsistent color depth. Raw cashmere raw material 1 raw cashmere raw cashmere Raw cashmere obtained from goats with double fur coat, mainly with the lower layer of fuzz with a small amount of natural impurities, raw fluff fiber. 2 round of cashmere openned cashmere goat original cashmere after sorting, removing the dirt beat the wheel after the cashmere. 3 washed cashmere scoured cashmere goat original cashmere, cashmere washed round to achieve a certain quality requirements cashmere. 4 carding cashmere dehaired cashmere After washing, industrial cashmere carding process. 5 gross goat hair collected from goats who plush fibers larger than 25um in diameter. Other kinds of cashmere 1. Head of cashmere: (first-class cashmere) fiber thin and long, shiny, soft, velveteen amount of 70 to 80% or with the source of the amount of skin type, grade difference of 100%. 2. Second-way cashmere: (or second-class cashmere) short fiber, poor gloss, cashmere content of 50%, or severe skin, hair is not easy to separate thin raccoon shorts, black cashmere and so on. Level than the difference between the first Lulu 35%. 3. Cashmere: Cashmere from the goats, goats' body. Dry velvet, no tension, stained yellow skin. 4. Oil fleece: Fleece when the oil is too much, so that the fibers stick together, damage to velvet. 5. Erosion of cashmere: cashmere fibers by insect bites, a serious loss of use value. 6. Moldy velvet: due to poor storage, cashmere by damp, moldy fever and deterioration, serious loss of tension and luster. 7. Black velvet: with black skin velvet, short fibers, poor gloss. The difference between cashmere and cashmere 1. Cashmere is a small hair growing in goats, this goat called cashmere goats, its warmth and moisture absorption is very good, the villi diameter of 14-17 microns, a length of 30-45 Mm, cashmere fibers from the cortex and scales layer composition, the fiber cross-section of an elliptical cylinder, a goat without plush about 75 grams, that is, five goats a year produced cashmere only Can weave an ordinary cashmere sweater. Cashmere products mainly cashmere sweater, cashmere pants, cashmere skirt, cashmere scarves and so on. From the exterior, it has a natural luster, soft and rich, soft, light, warm, slippery, flexible and several major features. So cashmere "fiber gems", "soft gold," said. 2. sheep do not produce cashmere, there is no natural cashmere sweater. In fact sheep produce wool, which produces large quantities of wool fineness of 20-40 microns, a length of 50-200 mm, can be woven, worsted processing of woven products, such as the coat it, the uniform it, the blanket , Tweed wool, wool Bi Ji, sweaters and so on. "Cashmere" and "cashmere" are two products with very different internal qualities, with prices generally five times those of the former.

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