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Natural crystals have always appeared in the eyes of the market and consumers with fashion boutiques and health accessories. We all know that crystals are lucky, and the energy of lucky money is so great that real estate tycoons, business elites and even investors all wear lucky crystals, natural crystals. How powerful is it? Xiaobian recently collected an article about Crystal Lucky to share with everyone.

Lao Li is an old stockholder. Recently, he gave his son’s new house a big price and carefully renovated it. He also added a Mercedes to his son and daughter. He also added a Toyota car. Even his wife who had always opposed his stocks praised him. Absolutely: My old Li is really good luck in my life! Amitabha!

Lao Li, who has been working hard in the stock market for 11 years, never dreamed of it. Please take less than half a month and he actually earned a lot of money. Originally in the spring after the Spring Festival this year, Lao Li’s wife said that nothing would let Lao Li buy stocks again. Lao Li also had a plan to close his hand. It was a coincidence that at night, Lao Li saw an article about 貔貅 in the WeChat circle of friends, and thus became attached to his own citrine enamel. When Lao Li chose a JI, he wore it on his body. .

Within half a month, the stock market soared. Lao Li’s stock continued to rise until the daily limit. He was hesitant to sell it, but he recalled the dream of the night before. A voice reminded him: stop at the right time, not Greedy... Lao Li successfully sold the stock and earned a pension equivalent to 10 years for him and his wife. Even Lao Li’s son said that fortunately my dad sold fast, if not, I wouldn’t have anything to do with my Mercedes.


The effect of citrine is mainly to enhance self-confidence and gather wealth. It is the first choice for many entrepreneurs. Citrine is a symbol of wisdom and joy. It can also calm and calm our fears and calm and calm. The powerful gas field can not only resist the invasion of evil spirits but also shock the wealth and prevent the loss of wealth. The combination of citrine and enamel can make a fortune, create an unexpected wealth, and is an indispensable treasure for business.

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