Bright shorts with what shirt nice fluorescent green pants with how

Fluorescent green is a color you can see at a glance, not only because of its dazzling, but also because of its unique color particularly attractive, fluorescent green can be a T-shirt can be a jacket, it can be pants, Although the fluorescent green is a lot of people like it, but it is not good with the consequences of children's clothing to teach you how to match the fluorescent green pants. Children is to let her what color to go try, fluorescent green you hold live? The arrival of summer, so many mothers do not know how to choose a simple T-shirt can not show the vitality of children, this simple gray T shirt lace hem embellishment, coupled with a fluorescent green shorts, dazzling and stylish, let Simple T-shirt becomes different. The secret you want to wear in summer is to wear bright colors, fluorescent green enough bright eyes, fluorescent green style children's wardrobe to find it? Will it be too difficult to match, and give up? This fluorescent green Leggings coupled with a small Lu Xiang purple T-shirt, accompanied by black lace skirt, starting from the color, the summer is also used for fear of it?