2014 [Spring] a touch of fresh, wake up your "beauty"

The advent of spring, make my mood a new look, it is because it drove away the dreaded wind, it took the indifferent winter snow, let the earth get back the colorful colors, re-emitting the warm light ... ...

意澳 - EALL.CZ

White, pure cotton and linen, after repeated treatment of the process, so that fabric with a slight retro feeling; static should be simple and cutting design to spring lazy afternoon bring "a touch of fresh."


Elegant sky blue dress with shallow khaki coat, comfortable and soft fabrics, elegant, free and easy, full of charm. The company is located in:


Up and down the symmetrical deep "V" design with one-sided swallowtail hem, the perfect body line modification at the same time natural with the literary temperament blowing.

White Poly Cotton Fabric

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