Seasonal commuter wear UP your fashion

This February 24th, this site , and then went to the season for a year, and for the daily commuting to dress up the distress of the sins seems to be severe. Tencent Fashion recommends four outfit recommendations here, which provide you with a good way to immediately upscale your trend.

This handsome jacket evolved from the men's wear, not only the dress up patent of female Chinese paper, but also the white-collar workers to show a skillful and tender qualities of the essential single product. In the collocation idea with skirt and pants, it is always a star-studded person who can hold it completely. However, we must pay attention to the selection of accessories with tough profiles, such as the square bags that are now loved by the people, and cool metallic high-heeled shoes, so as to create a fashionable commuter look.

Do you think that the sweater is outdated? Then you are the classmate who has not kept up with the trend. This hot sweater, accompanied by the retro style of the clothing industry, is one of the hottest trends on the T stage of this season, and it is in harmony with various items such as suit pants, jeans and loose skirts. A little nostalgic and brand-name Meng Department of temperament sister paper, most suitable to use this single product commuter to wear. If you dislike the good-looking fisherman's sweater in the office too thick, there are warm and light-weight mohair style options that seem to be warm, and a variety of rich colors is enough for you to show beautiful appearance.

To say that the most popular color from last year was named after electro-optic blue, all-white and all kinds of gentle and fascinating macarons. The pink line did not appear on the list and was captured by street photographers outside a famous show and secretly red. Coupled with the introductory demonstration of the “two thousand” hot female dramatist, it seems more appropriate to create a sunny and wearable texture in this season. If you happen to have a pink wool coat, congratulations, this one is a secret weapon for other fashionistas to dress up.

Loose outlines, mostly dazzling or gauzy texture, are generally high waist and make you look more concise atmosphere. Wide-leg pants are the savior of the problem body MM, help you to modify the imperfect leg type, because to help women escape from the corset skirt, wide leg pants are favored. (Cooperative Media: Garment Collocation)

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