What to wear summer tourism is better to see the summer is the best place for family travel

Summer comes, many families will take advantage of good weather out to travel, no matter where they go, as long as the family will feel very warm, summer tourism where are you going to go? Xiaobian more suitable for the seaside, the sea breeze summer hot feeling particularly cool, go to the beach to wear what clothing look good? High Family Parents loaded a family travel to wear more paternal love with sweetheart. Go to the beach for what style to wear it? This red parent-child style, T-shirt, T-shirt dress two styles, the girl and the mother wear a dress, the boy and the father wearing T-shirt equipment, such a love dress is certainly unique, red implies a happy, energetic, Blue sea, reflection of the red vitality, a beautiful picture. T-shirt is the most summer and summer can not be less style, whether boys or girls T-shirt is not less, 2014 summer T shirt popular style? This seaside landscape dotted T-shirt style, so that want to go to the beach holiday family have more of this idea, the sky blue, the sea is clear, soaring seagulls in the sky, æ­˜ such a T-shirt to the beach tourism.


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