Ink printing t-shirts look good how to take a half-length skirt sense of vintage

The representative of black and white women 's brand is a new generation of knowledgeable women. Integration of the imprint of the era and personality insights, formed its own unique style system. It embodies not only a fashion, more novel and advancing with the attitude of life. Popular models, the basic color and the integration of popular international colors, very sought after by people.

黑与白 B&W

Never outdated black and white gray color, in the time of precipitation, more and more timeless. This simple t-shirt retro ink printing, without color decoration, but also people's attention firmly grasp. Lightweight style, comfortable breathable fabric, giving summer cool enjoyment. With a white gradient skirt, highlight the upstart fan.

水墨印花的t恤衫好看吗 半身裙怎么搭出复古感

Each piece is a designer to create carefully. The color of this black, sleeveless shirt lingerie continues its mystery and sensuality. Smooth body shape of a woman is very dignified. Charming waistline is very conspicuous. With the camel's skirt, skin-friendly fabric, it is very soft. A pair of high heels can wear out temperament.

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