How much does it cost to open a lingerie shop?

Pay attention to the quality of life of women, women with high economic income, consumer purchasing ability, a shopping can spend thousands, for the lingerie is no longer only buy one, more is to choose 3, 4, different occasions Different seasons, different costumes should wear different underwear. Strong female spending power for investors to choose to open a clothing store or underwear shop. So how much money to invest in a lingerie shop?


Located in the mid-range underwear shop, shop area of ​​30 square meters, a rough calculation of how much money:

Brand franchise fee: 10,000 ~ 3 million range

Shop decoration costs: 20,000 ~ 3 million

The first purchase fee: 30,000 yuan Equipment procurement costs: 15,000 yuan

Staff salary: 6,000 yuan (2)

Shop rent: 10,000 / month

Utilities: 1,000 yuan

Taxes: 1,000 yuan

Sundry fees: 1,000 yuan

Intermediate value to calculate the cost of investment, probably in about 12 million can open a lingerie shop in the mid-range, very close to the Guge lingerie shop investment cost, look at return on investment, on sales of 30,000 yuan, the general will be able to recover within three years cost.

Lack of funds on hand, but want to shop when the boss, you can choose to join second-tier underwear brand shop. Second-line underwear brand in order to expand the market, most will not charge a franchise fee, and the purchase price will be less than the industry purchase discount, single product profit higher than first-line underwear brand. Affiliate fees and purchase fees saved money for the shop revolving funds, so that the store opened smoothly and sustainable development.

If you decide to choose second-tier underwear brand, we must carefully compare the quality of products, even if the price advantage, but only good products to allow consumers to recognize, which is what we call the inexpensive. Although the second-tier underwear brand less than a underwear brand, but compared to spread the goods is much better.

Second-tier underwear brand has a unified brand decoration style shops, the audience generally have their own unique style of smaller brands, franchisees will give more support to the brand headquarters, more flexible management style, competitive pressure is small. Use of brand characteristics, do a good job management, to win more profits.

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