DEG menswear "passion 51" open urban man summer charm

The season of spring and summer alternating, gentle breeze always make people want to and a few buddies flutter the streets or travel impulse, in the long season of Yingfei Cao coincides with the time of the holiday is not the lazy laziness Body, go to outdoor charging it? Shen Dong DEG DEG DEG men's part of the store with the spring and summer new products launched the "moving May Day" activities, some of the products to buy one get one, VIP off discount, and are welcome to the city of elite white-collar workers to the store to buy. Replacement of new equipment, urban fluttering, Climbing Linxi, feeling the aura of all things, we know that the spring has returned is the early summer ... ... Activities Time: April 29 - May 5, 2014 Event Description Buy one get one free (some products ); 2014 new product by a 20% off two 30% off sale, VIP card can be folded and then 9.5% off; 2013 product 5% off, accessories 6% off .VIP non-foldable discount; 2014 new 10% 20% off Note: The final interpretation of the right to explain all the deep Dong Ho-ho, the design style of cool, classic, with Parisian feelings as the theme, to convey the urban white-collar elite to find relaxed in the tight pace of the work, the overall match more show the young fashion Taste. Shenzhen deep so that consumers find their own style here, relax mentality, independent self-assertive, unfettered youth qualities, the pursuit of a unique fashion attitude, the young body contains a quality of life, the style strives for avant-garde, complete The concept of stylish and casual design, using natural materials, emphasizing personality details, style simple and crisp, with free heart, fashion metropolis young men's choice.

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