ERDOS Erdos spring and summer 2015 men's new products to create a man's charm

The spring / summer 2015 men's clothing collection, with the theme of "genteel gentleman," uses the most advantageous cashmere fabrics and exquisite craftsmanship of Erdos to interpret the masculine advanced clothing style - a natural fusion of formal wear and leisure, to create the "quality men's wear" of Erdos Brand. This season, international menswear explores both the fabric texture and the diversity of designs, renewing the previous season's natural comfort and luxurious sophistication, and at the same time adapting to the subtle and meticulous qualities unique to urban men through lightweight fabrics and simple tailoring. Color self-confident and comfortable tailoring, make Slim models of suits trousers, collar collar POLO shirt have shown a clear and clear outline modeling; in color, blue as the main color of the season, from light blue to deep blue, is widely Use, showing the natural fresh spring and summer style, combined with cement ash, bringing a whole series of fresh and free and easy. Erdos spring and summer 2015 new sets West Erdos 2015 spring and summer new spell color cashmere sweater exquisite fabrics This season men's spring and summer fabrics show the richness of the plaid theme is widely used in a variety of woven and printed fabrics to create a vivid Dimensional visual effects; all kinds of texture and different touch of light solid color fabric and slightly textured seersucker yarn added to the level of clothing and richness. In the weaving section this season, further in-depth use of splicing fabric design concepts, including the combination of leather and needle-knit fabric, and knitted and elastic fabrics are used in a large number of suits in the design, give a personal, comfortable sense of wear, you can Let each man emit a mature charm.

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