Cherry town is a Korean brand of clothing? Cherry town 2015 spring and summer new products

Cherrytown cherry town, probably everyone is not very familiar with this brand. It was established in July 2014, for the Korean clothing group's "European and American casual wear women's fashion " brand. Its target customer base is 20-35 year-old women who love life. Tailored to a new generation of oriental women.


Cherry town brand new spring and summer 2015 listing it! An elegant pastoral style will be honest and stylish combination of people refreshing and full of vitality. This sleeveless dress stripe skirt, v collar upper body design, high-quality fabrics, sunshine aesthetic. Will be the vitality of young women enjoy the show.


Floral style, back to nature. An elegant and literary pastoral style with slightest retro, but also based on the 2015 fashion trends skirt design, fold the skirt, loose but was thin version, light upper body effect, so that women fully Yayun. Coupled with twist braid, customs million.

Photo credit: cherry town ladies

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