What is the white spot on the South Red?

Some of the southern red agates will appear small white spots, some are always there, and some are not originally after a period of time suddenly appeared a small white spot. At this time, the player may think that this dyed South Red Agate has been out of color for a long time.

In fact, this is not what fades south red, but there are small cracks or internal gaps in the white spots. Why didn't you have it at the beginning? This may be because the seller made the oil when it was made, which can cover up a lot of small cracks and make Nanhong look perfect. Of course, perfection is definitely a time. After buying it back, the time is long, and if the oil is gone, such a small white spot may appear. The principle that the fine lines in the southern red agate will turn into white spots is that these small, almost invisible fine lines enter the refraction of some of the air vapor and light.

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