Warmly congratulate Kunshan Golden Eagle Shopping Center OuView Ouwei international brand women's clothing opened


Warmly congratulate Kunshan Golden Eagle Shopping Center OuView OU Wei international brand women's opening ceremony , a profit, business booming! OuView Ouwei international brand women with super strength and cohesion like a bright pearl, bloom in all regions of the world! Thanks to our partners and hardworking customers for their support. 2015, Let us work together to create a new generation of fashion trends.


Located in the intersection of Zhujiang Middle Road and Dongxin Street, Jiangsu Kunshan Golden Eagle Shopping Center enjoys advantageous geographic location and complete facilities such as surrounding roads, bridges and public squares with convenient traffic. Golden Eagle Shopping Center, let the shopping world, food world, fashion world and entertainment world collision happy time here. Such a golden place to attract the presence of major merchants, OuView Ouwei brand also take advantage of the opportunity settled. In the local, will set off waves of fashion trend.


Hardcover stores, European-style ceiling design, bright lights, highlighting a new generation of luxury style vividly. Opening a lot of concessions, you are welcome to buy. Winter new products, the integration of the trendy elements, graceful grace of women set off by the graceful place.

New store opened, welcomed the broad masses of old and new customers to buy! OuView Ouwei women, so that women to the high-end transformation!

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