Qiao Commodity Women Fuling District of Chongqing New Century Department Store 3.25 opened and fully upgraded

Joe goods good news coming, Joe products Women Chongqing has opened a new store, but there is a good news, the shop will be fully upgrade the image. Please look forward, 3. 25, a normal work day, but for Joe product is a big day, Not only opened or brand new image upgrade oh, together with Xiao Bian to see Qiao Commodity Women Fuling District of Chongqing New Century Department Store, a new image of it.



Joe goods elegant ladies wear, but also the style is very personal, the fabric is basically based on cotton and linen, especially comfortable, Qiao goods women's mature woman must wear, do not lose in occupational flu, And this dress is even more attractive. Joe goods women's style is very eye-catching, store image is also popular Oh.


Hanging display shape, each plate is a color, color with a very dazzling, into the store you will feel every color is your favorite color, Qiao goods to break the traditional boundaries of classic and fashion, material On the combination of environmentally friendly fabrics and high-quality fabrics, emphasizing the delicate feelings and novelty unique style, reflecting the modern city people's wisdom, self-confidence, fashion sense of culture in high-grade fabrics, unique design, sophisticated technology, mid-range price occupation Targeted market.

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