Changzhou, Jiangsu card Jia Qian grand opening new sales stunning!

With the arrival of Tanabata Valentine's Day, the activities of various brands are also ongoing, the day of August 19, Changzhou, Jiangsu Cagayan fashion women's grand opening, the opening day of surprises continued, a section of this year's new autumn and winter continue to be displayed, and more Kinds of colors and a variety of styles to attract more female consumers, as of the opening day ended 21:00 78 autumn new, thanks to Wu sister team hard work, convinced that 卡嘉茜 Women will be throughout the country section Victory, keep up!


江苏常州卡嘉茜盛大开业 秋装新款销量惊人!

江苏常州卡嘉茜盛大开业 秋装新款销量惊人!

江苏常州卡嘉茜盛大开业 秋装新款销量惊人!

Cagayan's success we have obvious to all, you want to be successful if you are eager, do not hesitate to join Cagayan is your best choice. Cagayan has the best products and professional sales and technical team, will be able to give you the most effective affiliate support, and the rapid development of the company to provide customers with good products, good technical support, and improve after-sales service, I believe joined the card Jiasi allows you to successfully operate without worries.

Finally, we also congratulate Changzhou, Jiangsu Cagayan new store, Tanabata performance hit a new high!

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