Autumn and winter children with children in autumn and winter dress with how

Autumn and winter, children should wear what? As hot mom dad's pro, whether there is a good choice? Now MiniPeace children's wear for everyone brought boys, girls' wear, do not know whether to get into your eyes. Now, Xiaobian first to introduce MiniPeace children's wear with the series. Kids jacket, looks cool oh. Embroidery cloth sewing in bright color, width and width of cotton cloth, three-dimensional sense of strong ribbon embroidery screen, distinct levels, rich and colorful colors, so vividly in the exquisite ribbon embroidery patterns on clothing add a lot of color! Hooded plus cuffs to tighten the design, wind warm; Hooded lining printed, embroidered chest logo letters, rich design of the entire garment, stylish and interesting. Elegant and graceful, stiff profile trench coat gives the vivid three-dimensional natural appearance clothing; waist invisible elastic design, so that the type of changeable, adding real wear, versatility.

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