The original red sandalwood that is not faded is not really red sandalwood!


Many friends are experiencing the phenomenon of white cotton cloth and wrists being dyed red when playing with cotton cloth or playing with bracelets, beads, handles and other objects of lobular rosewood, and they have doubts about the material of the material: faded? Is it fake? Stained above?

In fact, the lobular rosewood is normal, don't be surprised, or doubt its quality. According to historical records, Europeans often used Indian red sandalwood in India to make red wine and dyes. In ancient China, lobular rosewood was used in the dyeing and weaving industry as a dye to dye red cloth. Of course, this can't be called fade or fade. Because we have to figure out the concept of color loss, the color drop has an additional color on the original color. After a long time, the outer color is lost, and the inner color is exposed. This is called color drop.

This is not the case with lobular rosewood, because the true color of the lobular is purple, and of course it will take a long time, it will turn purple. However, if you wear it on your wrist, it will not be red in a few days. Because your sweat, the oil on your skin, is added to the surface of the rosewood, which gradually forms a palate. This is a good protective layer and will not fade on the clothes.

Finally, regarding the problem of whether the rosewood fades to the skin, the author has to say that the color drop is a normal phenomenon, which is a natural pigment that does not affect the skin health. Don't wear it if you are allergic to the body. The red sandalwood new material fade stage is to be clothed, do not directly get started, will be used to get the beads.

As far as red sandalwood is concerned, the red sandalwood has many effects. From the perspective of ancient Chinese medicine, the red sandalwood can only be finished for a thousand years. It is the essence of the sun and the moon, and it is the best product to balance the yin and yang. In the "Compendium of Materia Medica", there are records, red sandalwood has a heart, soothe the nerves, as well as Shujinhuoxue, anti-inflammatory and pain relief and many other effects. Regular wear of rosewood jewelry can also enhance immunity, prevent aging, stabilize heart rate, and improve medicinal value such as insomnia.

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