Autumn dress with dress + leggings

Women's wardrobe in a variety of single product dazzling array, the dress as a representative of a woman in the closet must not be less. Autumn is coming, the style of short sleeves dress can also be a suitable mix, not the same style to take their own kind of fashion style, stylish dress with leggings is the trend of the autumn dress.

菲雍兰蝶 - FLYONDE

Flowers have returned to the dust of the season, no flowers foil, a little less lively a touch of loneliness, so the fall print dress to add more colors. Such a unique printing design, unique but a little retro color very Fan, with a black leggings, the fashion sense is self-evident.

秋季连衣裙怎么搭配 连衣裙+打底裤

Colorful printing is the focus of the fall protection, you see a long-sleeved printed dress with a lower body blue leggings, with a bold color, the trend of modern non-stop none other than you. Of course, no matter what the season, black and white with the classic color has always been, if you do not wear black and white will not be wrong.

Photo source: Philippine Pacific blue butterfly

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