Girls singer CLORIS girls soft urban clothing handsome

Edith song while CLORIS little sook firm position in the European market, but also actively working to expand the international distribution market operations. Currently, Corsis CLORIS has opened stores and stores outside the UK, and gradually realize the globalization development strategy.


Corsis CLORIS through a variety of, multi-series strategy to meet the positioning of the crowd of work, leisure, entertainment, business travel, outdoor, home and other living conditions. Full expression of modern urban women in career and emotion, work and life ease, free and balanced dress art. In the Chinese market, Corsis CLORIS will highlight more professional and handsome style products while satisfying more than one suit of dress, so as to separate itself from the similar brands in the market that are currently favored by the soft and fashion industry.

Cocos CLORIS create international, expensive, free and stylish brand image, passing self-esteem, self-confidence, fashion, beautiful way of life.

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