ELLE underwear taste from the details of the unique charm

" ELLE " the word, so that everyone think of more or magazines, fashion, supermodel. For ELLE underwear understanding, especially for people in China may still be a little unfamiliar. ELLE itself belongs to the French fashion brand, and Triumph, Wacoal and other brands we have become familiar with, ELLE underwear is particularly low profile.


ELLE underwear by the French designer "write" and through printing, lace embellishment, metal pendant decoration and other small details of the deal, not only to feel ELLE French design elegance, but also from the details of taste ELLE's unique charm fashion sense.


ELLE underwear is the choice of France, Spain and other countries imported fabric, carefully designed by the designer, not only can be based on different needs to find more suitable elements and wear comfortable. ELLE underwear brings not only glamorous fashion sense, but more respected a healthy lifestyle.

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