Ga303 Stainless Steel Morgue Refrigerator

Model NO.: GA303
Voltage: 220V/50Hz 654W
Temperature Inside Box: +5ºC to -10ºC
Package Size/mm: 2560*900*2060
Body Tray: 1940X610mm
Transport Package: Export Carton Package
Specification: 2480*800*1900
Origin: China
HS Code: 94029000
GA303 Mortuary Equipment Side Loading Morgue Refrigerator with Control Panel
Ga303 Stainless Steel Morgue Refrigerator
Control System: The Mortuary Refrigerator thermostat, digital display, high precision temperature control with over-temperature and sound and light alarm.
Cooling system: closed cooling system, cooling speed quickly. Using a stand-alone single control, single cycle refrigeration system, a layer of an independent cooling system. Can work simultaneously, can also work alone.

Insulation material: stainless steel casing, polyurethane integral foam insulation with excellent results, about 10cm thickness and density about 40kg/M3
Refrigerant: R406A standard

Alarm: when temperature not in setting range, will alarm by sound and light.
Evaporator: built-quality copper, seamless integration, and beautiful than traditional wall-mounted, the cooling effect is more significant.

NOTE: German brand Danfoss compressor and import air blower option. Our suggestion: if ulta low-temperature, we recommend Danfoss compressor, if ordinary, Chinese brand will be enough.
With castors, easy to move in morgue

Side loading size Specificatons:
First body: 2150*800*1100mm   
Second body:2150*800*1700mm    
Third body: 2550*800*2130mm
Do not recommend third body size side loading, as too higher, the top layer not very easy to open.
Customized type can be negotiaged.
Bottom layer: 260mm ;  Second layer: 780mm;   Top layer: 1320mm

Ga303 Stainless Steel Morgue Refrigerator
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Ga303 Stainless Steel Morgue Refrigerator