Pass the unique charm of French ladies and ladies

Pass the unique charm of French ladies and ladies

A "Genesis" chronicles the birthplace of human ancestors - Eden.
From the moment Eve took away the fruit of wisdom, from the moment she put on the first garment made of fig leaves, the process of beauty began its amazing evolution like the beginning of the prehistoric period.
The time is flowing like the Seine.
For centuries, Paris, where the Palace of Versailles, the Louvre, the Champs-Elysées and the Left Bank cafes have converged, has become a sacred place for fashion worshippers around the world.
Eve's descendant, Eve, a girl with the same name as Eve, was born in this "beauty and fashion Eden."
She inherited the beauty and wisdom of Eve.
She shoulders Eve's mission to decorate the world with beauty and love.
She wanders along the Seine.
She was lying on the Avenue des Champs Elysées.
She shuttled between the magnificent art palaces.
She rests in the strong smell of coffee on the left bank.
She was immersed in the streamlined fashion show.
She is looking for beauty, feeling beauty and creating beauty in this new Eden in Paris.
She decorated women with Parisian passion and romance.
She uses French-specific Bisou (Venetian Kiss) to express the friendship between friends.
In 2005, Eve and her friends created "Bisou deve". They support each other and are intimate.
Bisou, Bisou of Eve.

Today, "Bisou deve" starts from Paris and passes through Europe and the United States to China.

In China, find a friendly partner.

They will welcome you with their friendly Bisou (Veneer Kiss).

"Beauty, Sensibility, Innocence, and Positive" brand concept, through the French team led by OLEG KOULAKOV, fully interprets Bisou Deve's "fashion, feminine, concise and fine" design style. The world conveys her uniqueness...

The multi-level brand franchise model will support BISOUDEVE's business in China.

Professional product planning (MD), professional visual product planning (VMD), professional single-item inventory (SKU) management, and professional supply chain management (SCM) have effectively ensured the management and operation of BISOUDEVE. .

Sensual logos, simple images, and experiential terminals create a space where brands interact with customers...

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