MP office beauty beautiful shoes big exposure

The MP has gathered all kinds of fashionable people. The narrow corridor in the office is a little like the T stage of the clothing week. Although there is no spotlight, there is definitely a sense of fashion. Elegant OL style, street style in Japan and South Korea, and even cute little balls, everyone can feast on their eyes every day.

An exquisite sequined shoe

Deep coffee-colored sequins create a low-key sparkling sensation, paired with sexy rheumatic plaid black silk stockings, with a touch of wildness.

An exquisite sequined shoe

There are a lot of shoes with sequins this year. If you don’t want to wear too high a tone, you can try dark sequins, or just use a small amount of sequins to embellish your shoes.

Recommended Brand: Belle 08 New Reference Price: 658 yuan to buy Location: Super Brand Mall, 2nd Floor

Recommended brands: Sijiatu 08 new reference price: 698 yuan to buy: Paris spring Wujiaochang shop on the 1st floor

Recommended Brand: Tata08 New Reference Price: 599 yuan Place of purchase: Paris Spring Wujiaochang shop on the first floor

Second, all kinds of round shoes

Retro Hepburn round shoes are still very red this year, of course, MP beauty can not miss.

This year's popular candy-colored and multi-rooted round shoes.

Recommended Brand: Kisscat08 New Reference Price: 588 yuan Place of purchase: Paris Spring Huaihai shop 2nd floor

Recommended brands: Bo Xi 08 new reference price: 1099 yuan to buy: Paris spring Huaihai shop 2nd floor

Recommended Brand: Love charm 08 new reference price: 688 yuan to buy at: Hong Kong Plaza, 2nd floor

Three, comfortable flat shoes

The metallic color is also the main color of this year, and its glossiness is enough to show the texture of the shoes.

Recommended Brand: fed08 New Reference Price: 659 yuan to buy Location: Pacific Station Store 1st Floor

Recommended Brand: Miss08 New Reference Price: 495 yuan Place of purchase: Super Brand Mall, 2nd Floor

Fourth, in the early spring is still wearing boots hot season, go to the MP office to go around to know, a coat with a pair of boots is enough for you to dress up the entire spring.

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