New insole burdens high heels

The largest clothing retailer in the UK, Marks & Spencer, recently introduced a new invented insole to make women feel more comfortable when wearing high heels.

Transfer force increases stability

This insoles designed by designers of Marks & Spencer eliminates the need for women to face “fashion or comfort” options. This insole can transfer the force on the sole of the foot to the heel – a design that makes women in high heels feel that the heel is not that high.

In the heel and arch parts, the designer also added some inserts to increase the stability of the foot and prevent the foot from sliding forward after putting on the shoes. These inserts improve comfort and make women in high heels more graceful while preventing the toes from being squeezed.

This spring, among the new women's shoes sold by Marks & Spencer, 35 high-heeled shoes will use this unique technology. These shoes have a height of more than 4 cm.

The ideal is flat shoes

The invention of "painless insoles" is the world-famous podiatrist Howard Danaberger. Dannerberger said that if a woman wears high-heeled shoes with a height of 2 inches, her forefoot part receives 64% more force than wearing flat heels. If the height is more than 2 inches, the force on the forefoot will increase by 25%. And if you add this new type of insole in your high heels, the force on the forefoot is only 22% more than when you wear a flat heel.

The well-known osteopathic expert and acupuncturist Gali Trina has treated many big stars such as Gwyneth Patro, Jude Law, Paul McCartney and Emma Thompson. Choi said: "The ideal shoes are flat shoes, completely without the heel, or with the height of not more than half an inch."

In the prevailing reality of high heels, Choi admitted that "painless insoles" is a good choice. "The transfer of the force from the forefoot to the back of the foot is a big step forward, which makes the wearer's center of gravity more stable."

High heels cause many diseases

Cui Na said that because women love to wear high heels, the proportion of women suffering from arthritis is twice as high as that of men. "Long-term wear of high-heeled shoes will also cause inflammation of the toes, shortening of Achilles tendons, cramping of the soles of the feet, back pain and knee arthritis."

The most serious consequence of high heels is an oppressive fracture. Health experts even worry that over-reliance on high heels may lead to infertility.

In 1998, American scholars linked high-heeled shoes with knee arthritis for the first time. Due to wearing high-heeled shoes, some patients' knee cartilage cannot withstand the pressure and appear painful.

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