Because of the Gang, these stars have been tied to Anren.

Fashion is an avant-garde contemporary art that reflects contemporary life and makes life more refined, stylish and beautiful.

——2018 Overseas Chinese Town. Chairman of the Jury of the Global Cheongsam Design Competition

Because of the Gang, these stars have been tied to Anren.

2018 Overseas Chinese Town. The global cheongsam design competition and the cheongsam culture festival, with the theme of “Qi Pao An Ren Yi Love”, sponsored by OCT West Group, Chengdu Anren OCT Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd., and the China Culture Promotion Association Cultural Town Collaboration.

Since its inception, the competition has strived to build a global platform, aiming to use Anren as a source of power to create a new energy for the beauty of cheongsam. Through the collection of design drafts, we will explore and incubate a group of new-born Chinese style designers. Promote the great development of Chinese cheongsam culture. Especially in the youth group, promote the development and inheritance of the cheongsam culture.

Cheongsam culture is one of the shining features of Anren Ancient Town. It has successfully held six events of “wearing cheongsam to Anren” and passed on the beauty of oriental cheongsam culture to the world. In order to further build the cultural IP of Anren Cheongsam, OCT joined forces with the cultural and cultural associations of the Chinese Culture Promotion Association to hold the Okubo. Global Cheongsam Design Competition with the theme of “Cheongsam Anren Clothing”. This is another time since Anren OCT entered Anren, deepening the core of Anren Wenbo and activating the practice of Anren Wenbo. It is another time to put forward the guiding ideology of "not forgetting the original, absorbing the outside, facing the future" proposed in the report of the 19th National Congress. It is also Anren OCT's gradual landing, exhibition, exhibition, performing arts, education, food, film, music, health, garden, livable and other cultural industries to create Anren as the world's cultural town, new urbanization demonstration zone Once again on the road.

In this competition, the designer of China Fashion Design "Golden Top Award" and China's top ten fashion designer, Qi Gang, served as the chairman of the jury of the competition, as well as a jury composed of famous domestic fashion designers and experts.

At present, the competition has entered a stage of intense and orderly clothing. From the initial evaluation of the competition to the re-evaluation to the final evaluation, and even after the clothing and awards, we are inseparable from our big coffee jury. What is their identity? Let us reveal them one by one...

Because of the Gang, these stars have been tied to Anren.

He is the winner of the "Golden Top Award", the highest award in China's fashion design. He is one of the top ten fashion designers in China. He is the chairman of the China Fashion Designers Association. He is a design aesthetic blogger and fashionista. He is Qi Gang. The chairman of the jury of this competition.

Because of the Gang, these stars have been tied to Anren.

The reason why he invited Qi Gang as the chairman of the jury of this competition is not only because he is the absolute big coffee in the domestic fashion circle, but also because of his achievements in Chinese style design.

Because of the Gang, these stars have been tied to Anren.

(祁 原创 original design of SCFASHION poetry 茜 茜 cheongsam)

Many female stars and program groups will choose the design of the Chinese style when they choose Chinese style clothing.

Because of the Gang, these stars have been tied to Anren.

(2015 provides cheongsam for the goddesses of "Idol is coming")

Because of the Gang, these stars have been tied to Anren.

(2014 ice flower printing fashion cheongsam)

These are the unique "robes" of his unique characteristics. His designs are unconstrained and his works are luxurious and beautiful. Every piece of Chinese clothing can perfectly reflect the characteristics of oriental women.

Because of the Gang, because of the "robes", these stars and the ancient town of Anren have a common tie. The international stage of Fashion Week and Film Festival is a show, and Anren Ancient Town is also a show. The cheongsam design competition is to let the stars and ordinary people spread the traditional Chinese culture on the cheongsam show in Anren.

In his view, "innovation" and "international vision" are the most indispensable in design. “If you want Chinese traditional classics to enter younger groups and are more suitable for young people to wear, you must have innovation. On the one hand, we must inherit the classic craftsmanship of the past, on the other hand, we must not be too obedient, we must put more new ones. The elements are introduced into the design of the cheongsam. Nowadays the raw materials are very diverse, such as leather, fur, high-tech materials, semi-perspective, cascading and other design elements, can be used in the cheongsam design. With a new perspective to make the cheongsam design A new kind of vision can bring a new experience to the wearer."

Because of the Gang, these stars have been tied to Anren.

Young people are the power of the future, and also the driving force of the development of the times. Attracting young people to pay attention to cheongsam is one of the purposes of this competition.

With the end of the final evaluation of the 2018 OCT. Global Cheongsam Design Competition, 12 outstanding design works entered the stage of ready-to-wear production. These works will be guided one-on-one by professional clothing instructors, and then the garments that meet the requirements of the competition will be produced, and another ready-to-wear competition will be held to select the final prize.

The final result will be revealed at the awards ceremony held in Chengdu Anren Ancient Town at the end of September. In the only museum town in China, I capture the beauty of the old days of Anren, and show the essence of Chinese traditional culture in the atmosphere of the Republic of China.

Special egg

The contestant has something to say

Top 12 Designers / Wang Yurui

Out of love for Chinese traditional culture, I signed up for the competition and wanted to combine Chinese traditional elements with cheongsam design. Cheongsam is a type of clothing that I really like. It is a traditional Chinese women's clothing that has emerged in modern times. It combines the characteristics of Chinese past and present clothing and is uniquely attractive. I love the cheongsam from the movie "In the Mood for Love". There are more than 20 sets of cheongsam in the movie. The fabrics and patterns have a unique charm and exquisite elegance. Each cheongsam has a different feeling atmosphere and deep meaning. For me, the cheongsam design is to make the cheongsam introverted and profound, subtle and sexy through the pattern design, structure and style design, combining the past with the modern, so that the cheongsam glows new light.

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