Warmly congratulate Ai 莜 women's store in Luoyang, Henan grand opening

Autumn in October, we ushered in the history of the tide on October 1, Ai Mian women also made a livelier day, Ai Luo women's clothing shop in Luoyang, Henan Province, also opened on the day of the Grand National, said nine silver nine, It is true that during the month of October, the flow of people in Ai-yi's women's clothing store is beyond imagination. Needless to say, it is natural for people to have more than one income. Let's take a look at how Ai-Qiu's women attract customers.



Ai 莜 women's design are based on the Department of sweet-based, whether it is decoration style or clothing, are suitable for women of all ages wearing, I'm afraid you are sweet and lovely little loli, AI 莜 package you have satisfied with the style, Or occupation of the elite white-collar workers, there Ai You only increase your occupational temperament.



Ai Lui women's clothing shop in Luoyang, Henan display window models are divided into two sides display, the latest models will be displayed in 2013 out, the color match, so you go shopping, a glance to see its style, which into the store rate is high Oh.

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