Vest with what clothes look good sweater style

Spring, summer, autumn and winter four seasons, the most suitable vest season is the spring and autumn, this season has come, the vest control are not crazy yet? Vest with the best, but also the most fashionable style, no matter how the vest can not cover up its charm. Vest Our favorite is with the sweater in the cold season vest with the sweater is the most appropriate, that is, warm and stylish, this mix also gives a sunshine, but this fall vest with sweater, vest with sweater style, Light-colored vest with a light-colored sweater, the same bright color with the trend of enough Oh. Many people like green very much. Green is the color of green grass. It also represents the vigor of youth. This green vest style with a bright yellow sweater is enough to be dazzling and full of fashionable style. The vest will never only be able to match the sweater The knit shirt is also very nice. (Source: Rainbow cat blue rabbit children's clothing 2013 autumn and winter new)

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